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Our Services


Urgent or Sick Care Visits

Preventative care, including well woman exams, pap smear* and well-child visits

Chronic care management for diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, thyroid disorders, & more...

Weight management

Sports/school physicals

Uncomplicated mental health care

Pre-operative evaluations

Joint and trigger point injections*

Skin procedures including mole removals, biopsies, simple laceration repairs*

Skin cyst removal*

Skin abscess drainage and wound care*

Wart treatments*

Foot care/ingrown nail removal*

EKG with interpretation*

In-office nebulizer treatments*

Ear cleanings

Visual/hearing tests including color blind testing

Uncomplicated eye care*

STD testing/management*

Post-COVID management

I.V. Infusion Therapies, including iron infusions

Travel medicine consultation services

Osteopathic manipulation therapies

Access to large cash discount pricing for most laboratory tests, radiological studies including MRI/CT,  and many other services

In-Office Ultrasound Imaging performed by a highly-trained technician* 

*(pathology/lab/US services/supplies at cost)

Senior Services

Dr. Tezaguic is Fellowship trained and certified in Geriatric Medicine. She takes pride in guiding her senior patients toward maintaining their quality of life. The care of older patients involves a comprehensive understanding of age-related diseases, an appreciation for the needs and concerns of seniors, and the ability to sit and listen in a calm and pleasant setting. Dr. Tezaguic can do all these things within Stratos DPC. Specific Senior services that Dr. Tezaguic performs include comprehensive geriatric evaluations, care coordination between specialists, medication review, and long-term care planning. For those Seniors needing a more comprehensive care plan, the available AMBER VIP option includes home visits.


What Is Not Covered

What does your membership fee NOT cover?   Medical office supplies, such as surgical kits, injectable medications, or other consumables, may be billed to the patient directly at the time of service. Additionally, lab testing and medical imaging are not covered through your DPC membership. Please note, substantial cash discounts are available.

DPC membership does not cover catastrophic care or emergent care services to include surgery or specialty care. For this reason, Stratos DPC encourages it's members to obtain either a high-deducitable insurance plan or a healthcare sharing plan. 

***Stratos DPC Physicians ARE NOT Participating HMO Providers***

Recommendations for Additional Healthcare Coverage

We recognize that while preventative care and the direct primary care model can help patients be healthier and reduce their risks from acute health issues like heart disease and cancer, individual patients are going to have need of emergency services. These are not covered by our membership fee. We suggest that each of our patients consider the following:

  • A high-deductible insurance plan. Your deductible should be high enough to keep your policy costs low but not so high that you are unable to meet it in an emergency. A health insurance broker can assist you in finding a plan that will meet your needs and level of risk. 

  • A health care savings account. These accounts allow you to put a portion of your monthly paycheck aside, tax-free, to cover future medical expenses. You may be able to save enough in your account to cover the deductible of your catastrophic insurance policy. You can typically also use HSA funds for expenses like eyeglasses and contact lenses, hearing aids, medications, and other medical equipment or supplies. We recommend you speak with a tax attorney or your HR department representative regarding the use of an HSA for DPC services.

Not Covered
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