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What You Need to Know about Stratos DPC Direct Primary Care

Stratos DPC is a direct primary care practice started by two board-certified, Wichita Falls-area physicians. Due to the limitations and restrictions placed on the modern-day healthcare system for both doctors and patients, Dr. Tezaguic and Dr. Swanson have established Stratos DPC to provide personal health care to patients in Wichita Falls and northern Texoma, without many of the common obstacles patients encounter under the current medical system.

When you join a direct primary care practice, you pay one comprehensive but affordable monthly membership fee that covers all your primary care needs in a timely and compassionate manner, plus more. Through your DPC membership, you get a true relationship with your doctor that is not hurried, allowing for extra time to truly discuss your concerns so that your doctor can work with you, not your insurance company. Additionally, as a patient of Stratos DPC, lab testing and radiological studies can be obtained with cash discounts of up to 90% off regular pricing.

Make same-day

or next-day appointments

Patient advocate services if you do need hospital or emergency care

Schedule preventative care exams or get urgent care services

Virtual Visits via Phone, Text, Email, or Video Chat

Make same-day or next-day appointments

There are no co-pays or hidden fees beyond your monthly membership cost for DPC. Stratos DPC does not require you to have additional health insurance, but highly recommend it for unforeseen catastrophic health events or for surgical and subspecialty services. Many choose to pair their DPC membership with a high-deductible, catastrophic health insurance plan that will cover emergency care, surgical services, prescriptions, and hospitalizations.  

***Stratos DPC Physicians DO NOT participate in HMO plans***

By participating in a direct primary care membership, you receive your recommended preventative care that can minimize emergency room visits and hospitalizations. You also have a direct connection with your doctor for urgent health care concerns and issues that may develop. 

The Direct Primary Care model utilized by Stratos DPC simplifies the costs to patients, encourages a healthy patient-physician relationship, and reduces unnecessary visits to acute care clinics as well as hospitalizations. Stratos DPC gives you the peace of mind you deserve in healthcare.

Member Benefits
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