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Stratos DPC charges patients a low monthly fee for its services. To begin your exclusive access to Stratos DPC, all patients pay a one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee. Then once your Stratos services commence, the monthly fee for your premium healthcare will start.


Stratos DPC monthly fees for your healthcare are set according to your age.  We do require Stratos members to provide a valid form of payment either making payments by cash, check, or by automatic transfer from your bank account (ACH). Credit/Debit cards are accepted but no CASH price discounts will apply. Details on our pricing and discounts available are listed below.

Enrollment Fees*

Enrollment fees are paid to begin your Stratos DPC healthcare experience. These are one-time fees and are NOT refundable. Patients must have a valid form of payment on file to enroll with Stratos DPC.

Monthly Stratos DPC Fees*

Our monthly rates are designated by color for each age group. All patients under 18 years of age must have an enrolled parent or guardian unless they are an emancipated minor.

Monthly fees are due on the 1st of the month of service.

Please note : we ask for a 30-day advance written notice if you decide to cancel your Stratos DPC membership. This must be in writing via email or typed letter.  Any outstanding member account balances must be paid in full at the time of cancellation. If your monthly fees are past due by 30 days, we have the right to cancel your membership.

Call (940) 222-5184 Today for Availability


Birth to 25 yrs old



Ages 26- 64 years old



Ages 65+ years old




Ages 65+ years old

Amber VIP

Amber VIP includes house calls.

Discounts Available


   1. Family Enrollement Discounts Available - the more family members that enroll, the larger the discount.

   2. Company and employer programs are available with Enrollment Discounts. Please call us for more information about the Stratos DPC Small Business Healthcare Program.

   3. All Stratos DPC members will receive access to our network of specialists and ancillary providers at exclusive discounted rates.

   * Enrollment & Membership Fees listed above are CASH price discounts given with automatic bank drafts (ACH), cash, or check payments ONLY. Credit/Debit Card users are not elligible for CASH price discounts.


Additional Services Available

While most of our services are included in your monthly membership fee, there are two services that may be assigned an additional charge.

  • Home visits/work visits (during regular office hours).

  • House calls (after hours/weekends/holidays).

When you are making a decision about whether Direct Primary Care is right for you and your family, consider the expense for many of your common household expenses. How much more valuable is excellent medical care, including the ability to catch issues early and have fast access to preventative care as needed?  Comparable monthly expenses for U.S. households include:

  • Traditional Healthcare (per person): $480/mo ($16/day) + copays

  • Auto insurance: $140 (@$4.60/day)

  • Home insurance: $250 (@$8.30/day)

  • Dining out (single person): $220 (@$7.30/day)

  • Coffee: $164 (@$5.50/day)

  • Alcohol: $90 (@$3.00/day)

  • Soda: $75 (@$2.50/day)

Stratos DPC services, outstanding primary care services for less than a cup of coffee a day !

For many individuals and families, the cost of Stratos DPC compared to traditional health insurance will be much lower. We do recommend that you have a high-deductible healthcare plan in addition to your membership to cover emergency care.  Please ask us if you have any questions about how our pricing works and how a Stratos DPC membership can benefit you. We can also provide you with information on high-deductible healthcare insurance plans as well as cost-sharing plans if you require assistance.

Still Considering the Value of Direct Primary Care?

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